Cleos Vip Room Casino $17 no deposit bonus

January 4, 2013 in $1 - $25, Other

Cleos Vip Room Casino has a new no deposit bonus

Your bonus code: 17FREE

$17 casino bonus
30X Play-through
You can cash out all the cash prizes that you win with this free casino bonus, there is no maximum payment

Claim through live chat

** Valid until Jan 5

usa casino USA Players Accepted

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  • hey i got2 anti virus mac and trugin killer. i can get it downloaded and when i click on desktop , it just flashes and wont open casino. so thats why support told me to cut virus pprotection off. im running XP, is any1 else having problem, ty josie46

    • Hey all
      I was having the issue with it not installing . I got sick of their cust service playing dumb and opened every file in my download folder for Cleo’s and found a txt stating that I did not have a suitable VGA.DLL video driver. I updated mine and it loaded perfectly.

  • :mrgreen: Hey YEAH! I went into live chat and chatted with ABEL for the 27free. I’m shocked he gave it to me. Where are the emails for these other codes?? I dont even see these promos on their facebook page. I’m a very active depositor at CLEOS.. I would expect to receive emails about any free bonuses. So thank you guys for sharing that on here! I freakin love playing their slots. :-D

  • i love the software it rocks but cleos is shady i played at vip vegas and never had a problem i ve never cashed out anywhere so …. what kind of issue could you possibly have you ask i asked for a statement and a reason for my canceled orders remeber they are running under pretences of selling points to buy items and casino is free bonus i had problem with almost all my orders i think one went through no problems the last order i made they canceled 5 of 8 items and left me with 0 points after my orders were canceled when i had 320 points left after placing order i asked them for reason for canceled orders and statement no reason provided and my account was blocked along with my boyfriends and sons fathers i sent in ids for all accounts and told them i would provide them with anything needed none of us have same address they offered me no out for this said it was done and that was end of it on 3 occassions i called to talk to manager was told they would contact me back never did i here from them i had 150 withdrawlable balance from cleos just had made deposit when i realized it was going to be a problem i started taking screen shots of chat logs saving emails etc i have over 10 screen shots of chat logs where they have lied to me denied me the statement i requested i wanted to specifically know each transaction and reflecting balance of spree points i asked specifically for it not to show me what information should of reflected and stated clearly what i wanted what they sent me was an innaccurate summary of my account sons fathers and boyfriends giving login info etc 36% of orders made were filled and had to fight for several items i ordered where specifically i made purchases to obtain points and asked if items available on chat only to have them canceled with no explanation only told that live chat cant verify availability after my account was blocked i got on my sisters account and made purchases they eventually figured it out and i only did to make a point that they dont have the capabilities to detect multiple accounts and were only looking for reason to block me when they figured out they removed my spree points again i tried to get in touch with a manager when i finally got a hold of manager supposedly on live chat was told all transactions on sisters account would be refunded along with cleos balance of 97 dollars around 900 dollars i received 560 and was told that that was all transactions made so i sent the a bank statement highlighted everything made it so easy a dumb person could read and they were just like oh well you didnt make those transactions weve refunded what were refunding so im wondering if they have been over charging me so now since they have refused to provide me with a statement i think ill just add up my orders i received and dispute the rest luckily it was not on my card and i told them it wasnt my card and i wasnt authorized user i had to change my info to deposit and they continued to let me use from my very first deposit i dont know if they are running out of their parents basement or really arent in usa but something funny is going on with them a lot of people seem to not of had a problem with them and i hope if you play there you never do because good luck coming to any resolution in your favor or even fair i know vip vegas sweepstakes was running same software and they were supossed to be working with them but apparently arent taking any of the positive points from them like good customer service working problems out etc i could tell from the begining when they opened and would give a bonus listed on the how it works page that they were going to be a problem but the software rocks so when vegas closed i decided to give them a try and its been nothing but a headache which is ridiculous because i dont cash out i did file a consumer complaint report against them im not just making wild acusations i have documented proof of all this oh and keep in mind aswell becasue they arent selling a tangeable item that you more than likely would have no recourse with credit card company and believe the only reason i was refunded what they refunded me is there was a legality issue oh one last thing sells same items i have received fake silver marked 925 and japan movement watches sold as swiss movements i opened a case with the bbb over this but to much time had elapsed before i realized ive received quite a few items from virtual spree probably somewhere in neighborhood of 50,000 points 2 gold rest silver 4 items i had tested the 2 gold were good the larger silver item 15,000 points was good but a small silver item about 500 points had silver in it but not what is was marked being i sell gold and silver for a living 925 sterling means it is supposed to have 92.5% silver i believe that is the usa minimum the necklace i was told had a small amount of silver and that they would not purchase an item that tested like this so be careful in that respect aswell

  • hi. just talk to live chat downloaded for 2nd time and it wont open able told me its probaly my anvirus protection , to unplug whili downloading but hubby wont let me.

  • I like their games too but I have had connection problems with them since yesterday and went through the long wait with chat as well. Too bad you can’t claim your bonus through the cashier instead of chat. Also, I don’t use my Facebook page much but I liked them and then they said you had to have over 20 friends to get the promotion. This wasn’t mentioned in their promotional material but hey….do you all want to be my friend so I can get the bonus?? :lol: Just kiddin…it’s no big deal. Good luck everyone this weekend.

  • i have had a problem trying to install this casino for about a year it downloads and installs but then wont open i have tried everything and their tech people have no solution and cant even tell me what the problem is

  • i have never had a problem downloading any other casino but this 1 . i got a pg tthat had username
    and ##10 10 dont know what that is but it wont let me download

  • Hello malaika. How may I help you?

    Can’t play keeps saying machine is busy ???/


    Are you there?

    You have been transferred to: Abel.
    What is the name of the game, what message do you receive

    magic signs Machine busy lost connection with server


    4:12 pm
    Ok, I will report your case; we are having some issues. Technical will check it

    Hope you can try again in a couple of hours


  • I’m sorry…I would like to make a correction…The “spree credits” are not like “loyalty points” that you earn. You automatically have them credited to your account based on the amount you deposit. For example, if a deposit of $20 is made, you automatically receive 200 spree credits. The larger the deposit, the more spree credits you will receive. The merchandise website to use these credits is in case you’re interested in checking out some of the things that are available for purchase with the credits.

  • I’ve been a member of this casino since it opened about a year ago.
    You CAN win real cash, and you CAN cash out real cash. Thier “spree credits” are equal to other casinos’ “loyalty points”. You can use those credits to purchase items from an online store.
    I must also state that yesterday, as a matter of fact, I received a DHL package from Lima, Peru. It happened to be from Cleo’s, and it was a very nice black and aluminum coffee mug with “Cleo’s VIP ROOM” written on the front of it. Of the thousands of dollars I’ve spent at BetOnSoft, RTG, Rival, and Microgaming, before USA was banned, I’d never received anything but a bonus here and there. So, needless to say, I was very pleased to have them send me something.

  • I finally got thru to chat, via email and they sent me a link to activate the 17.00 free. LOL, the link was broken. They want you to invite 20 friends for the 20.00. I told them before I would invite even one person, I would have to play their games in real cash mode first. Waiting on a response.

    • you can cash out after you make the 30x playthru requirement. To check if you do.. when you go into the cashier.. at the top right corner is your playchips.. and after you make playthru, that will be zero and on the bottom left, it says cash in balance. That’s what you can cash out. I have not been able to make a successful cashout yet. I requested it a few times, but they probably take a day or 2 to get it processed, and I’m not patient so end up playing it again. ALSO, You cant buy more spree credits while you have a withdrawal pending. That is what makes it hard for the people like me that are hooked to their games.

  • Not true!!!I deposit here at Cleos and I have cashed out…..just like a casino you have to meet play through requirement. The spree credits are just something extra if you don’t cash out you can still use your spree credits to purchase things that get mailed to your house without paying postage……

  • I had this casino for a while. The games are fun and different, but unlike the norm on this site, there is NO cash winning. You can get stuff off there website that is nice, like what some of us would spend actual money on, but no cash can be withdrawn. Hope that helps.

    • I am so mad at myself right now. Waited over 30 minutes for chat to get my bonus, the guy pops up finally, something came on my screen at the same time, I hit it to get it off screen so I can type, now im all the way back to 21 when I originally started at 17

  • Ok, So… I got all signed up on Cleos this morning .. spoke with the rep while he helped me get the ND bonus through FB… Played the bonus, did very well, but looked at as free : ) so just played. Anyway, I just tried to go into the cashier and it says i cannot play because I am from a state that is banned… I am In Florida… Florida is not a banned state. WTF?/