$10 No deposit bonus code Platinum Reels Casino

October 22, 2011 in $1 - $25, Bet On Soft, No deposit codes

New $10 ND bonus code from new Platinum Reels Casino

Your bonus code: PRFREE10

$10 Free chip

usa casino USA Players Accepted

Sent by Angelina


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103 responses to $10 No deposit bonus code Platinum Reels Casino

  1. worked for me

    • did not work for me. I contacted live chat and was told this casino is by invite only and unless I received an email specifically asking me if I wanted to join they wanted nothing to do with me. They also said I should tell others on the blog to leave them along that the same rule applies to them!

  2. got it also.also lucky creek sending out invite only emails.100.00,must be player,dep.won 5digit amt.cashed out.good luck.

  3. these guys are Genesys or grand prive funded cause I got dep. but could add Credit card to deposit

  4. info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with ‘Shaun’
    Shaun: How may I help you today?
    you: shaun how long you been open
    Shaun: We are fairly recent but our caino management has been working in the industry for many years
    you: right …how long you been open?
    Shaun: As I said we are a recent casino. Is there any particular reason you ask?
    you: yes there is, how longs have you been betonsoft…you where microgaming
    you: hello?
    you: is question, like you ask my age I say 33, I ask when you opened you say…..?
    you: lets start of….WOW A NEW betonsoft….when did you guys Open Platinum Reels?
    Shaun: We have been running since this year. Is there naything else I can help you with?
    you: Oh january this year?
    you: so 10 months
    you: is this correct?>
    Shaun: Please hold one moment
    you: WTF is this casino Hiding?
    you: you cant tell me your grand entrance into betonsoft and American Industry Birthdate?>
    you: shaun when where you born…may20 1976…..when did you get a job here Jan 19 1987
    you: When did you see pearl jam no 7 1994
    Shaun: Thanks for your patience. Yes we started this year. Sorry, were you on chat earlier as I notice the IP address is similar
    you: SSHAUN….whe di Platinum Reels start accepting American Players?
    Shaun: We have been accepting US player since we started.
    you: I dont beleive i WAS
    you: will i need extension or . goes straight to you
    you: Oh and when did you start
    Shaun: I started when the casino was launched this year. Yes, the extension will go straight to me.
    you: NOT YOU DUM DUM, the casino staryted when
    you: , are you classified as human, or are you a meat popsicle
    Shaun: Please advise as to what it is you actually would like to know.
    you: the date of when you became Betonsoft casino Platinum Reels….do you speak English?
    Shaun: Please hold one moment
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to youpunkassbitch@hotmail.com at the end of your chat.
    Shaun: Your patience is appreciated. I will be with you shortly
    you: your a Disgrace
    you: you should be embbarrassed
    Shaun: Your patience is appreciated. I will be with you shortly
    Shaun: Thank you for your patience…
    Shaun: Sorry to keep you waiting
    you: Not answering such a Selfish answer….afraid ill do…nothing
    Shaun: Yes, the casino was established during the course of 2011. I am sorry I cannot give an exact date.
    you: Waitng my Butt shaun…..this is ridiculas and Going on my blog site…when did you open….you cant answer
    you: why not Shaun?
    you: how bout a Month
    Shaun: That is all I can advise you. I do apologize.
    Shaun: I would say from te middle of thiis year sometime

    you: farenuff
    Shaun: I am sorry you feel that way.
    you: I dont care how sorry you are…i wouldnt trust it
    you: good luck middle of year…1st I heard today
    you: middle of year and this many winners
    you: Name Amount Game corky1 USD 5255.1 Rocket Jacks Video Poker rsbishop USD 569.53 Rocket Jacks Video Poker Aryn USD 46558.91 Dream Wheel Video Slot princebrenda USD 4263.14 Legends of Avalon Video Slot mariadee USD 767.02 Rocket Jacks Video Poker melvin1948 USD 16209.3 Legends of Avalon Video Slot poolchick525 USD 12300.08 Legends of Avalon Video Slot anaria USD 52003.09 Dream Wheel Classic Slot ROADRUNNERXT USD 25534.24 Dream Wheel Video Slot ifootsie USD 59.69 Rocket Jacks Video Poker ifootsie USD 350.76 Rocket Jacks Video Poker Yvette USD 71157.21 Legends of Avalon Video Slot Kel USD 33386.02 Legends of Avalon Video Slot mightyjoe USD 35276.8 Dream Wheel Classic Slot kelley USD 1971.24 Rocket Jacks Video Poker MsCin1959 USD 19588.73 Legends of Avalon Video Slot sadiek0825 USD 17125.32 Dream Wheel Video Slot Fred USD 5336.17 Legends of Avalon Video Slot hud34 USD 73.04 Rocket Jacks Video Poker Mariuch USD 374.26 Rocket Jacks Video Poker norton USD 15552.47 Dream Wheel Video Slot kelley USD 2310.85 Rocket Jacks Video Poker billy USD 23631.81 Legends of Avalon Video Slot cobra USD 16238.68 Cash Flow Classic Slot thegambler10 USD 96.99 Rocket Jacks Video Poker juniper USD 1044.13 Rocket Jacks Video Poker timo’tims USD 2781.01 Rocket Jacks Video Poker tricia333 USD 69641.8 Dream Wheel Video Slot MADISONE EUR 8272.89 Rocket Jacks Video Poker mjanechris USD 50020.55 Dream Wheel Classic Slot lespo34 USD 88762.27 Legends of Avalon Video Slot pjp1752 USD 20517.03 Dream Wheel Video Slot kalonji USD 17782.11 Legends of Avalon Video Slot bert64 USD 2128.44 Rocket Jacks Video Poker LILNICKSGMA USD 20632.38 Dream Wheel Video Slot roger2011 USD 10989.01 Dream Wheel Classic Slot maryannie USD 2258.36 Rocket Jacks Video Poker bill293 USD 790.44 Rocket Jacks Video Poker juniper USD 780.18 Rocket Jacks Video Poker eskimogal USD 3018.25 Cash Flow Classic Slot bert64 USD 2233.78 Rocket Jacks Video Poker bobs USD 2622.98 Cash Flow Classic Slot timo’tims USD 4052.14 Rocket Jacks Video Poker playdave USD 5804.72 Rocket Jacks Video Poker ocuddles USD 144.3 Rocket Jacks Video Poker juniper USD 406.02 Rocket Jacks Video Poker d0be USD 4187.52 Rocket Jacks Video Poker MDD13 USD 54716.68 Dream Wheel Video Slot moms USD 81300.71 Legends of Avalon Video Slot nana534 USD 31308.34 Dream Wheel Video Slot Kina USD 12187.12 Dream Wheel Video Slot corky USD 5402.3 Rocket Jacks Video Poker Blue_Moon2 USD 667.85 Rocket Jacks Video Poker darren0111 GBP 26849.8 Dream Wheel Video Slot sparky1947 USD 1894.65 Rocket Jacks Video Poker TERMS & CONDITIONS | PRIVACY POLICY | RESPONSIBLE
    you: you guys are joke

    • hear what you are saying rusty…if they just opened up to US…where the hell did all these winnings come from? these guys are full of crap, just like all the rest of them. i removed all of them from my registry, they are a high risk.

  5. Worked for me.. Thanks

  6. Worked for me Thanks 😀 😆


  8. not for me

  9. Norton anti virus didn’t like this install file at all. Not sure if it is a virus or not but it wouldn’t be the first time a casino install contained one.

  10. Code is invalid. I talked to Lisa in support and she credited my account. Thanks :)

  11. what is the code for the $100 at Lucky Creek

  12. Did not honor bonus code. Says no longer valid.

  13. I got it, but I had to ask customer service for it because at first it was “no longer valid”. Didn’t last long, though.

  14. said invalid, contacted support they told only by email invite.

  15. didn´t work for me… why?

  16. Did not get it. I spoke to chat and they said you had to be invited by email. LOL. It stated it was for new players and I am. So how would I get an email already! lol :(

  17. luckycreek sends me free money all the time, and tell me the max cashout it $100 on free money

  18. Just an FYI regarding this casino. This casino is being run by the Villento group, the same group who had the Microgaming casino Rich Reels. They are not Grande Prive or the Genesys groups.

    If you had a good relationship with Rich reels/Villento then you have a good idea what to expect here… few if ever free spins… but they do pay on winnings and do have many deposit bonuses. If 100 is deposited in one week, it qualifys you for free spins the following tuesday.

  19. i call them after i tried to claim the code (code invalid) the lady that answered the phone told me that with out a invite even if i downloaded them i could not play or deposit i told her that was fine i would play somewhere if the wont let me deposit as a new player they sure are not going to pay out id rather go play at the local indian casino :roll:

  20. I second you Ken-Norton is usually correct about downloads behavoir in computer system

  21. wild vegas

    code wildjungle75

  22. i wasnt invited an I got it…something not right here

  23. did not work for me :(

  24. me either

  25. got an email from new casino ATLANTIS GOLD,code AG45FREE,but have to have invite code..which they gave me. 😀

  26. Code: VIP100 for Coolcat, Planet 7, and Silver Oak. I havent tried it anywhere else yet.

  27. carol: just wondering if you could tell me what the web address is for atlantis gold or what brand software does it use? ive looked everywhere and i cant find it??

  28. that code didnt work

  29. Thank you CHRISTA VIP100 worked at all three casino

  30. Platium Reel didn’t work for me

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with ‘Leonie’

    Leonie: Hi there,

    Leonie: How can I assist you?

    you: hi new on site tried to redeem PRFREE10 to try out site can you help me

    Leonie: Did you receive an invitational email from us?

    you: oh no I didn’t i was on a forum and wasn’t told it was invitational

    Leonie: Unfortunately, this casino is by invite only and if have not received a invitational email from us, then you will not be able to play and deposit with us.

    • That is such BS. I didn’t get an email invite. My invite was the post Angelina posted for it. However, I was able to download and register and get the bonus.

  31. Ya I got the same e-mail from Atlantis Gold. But couldnt download from e-mail. Found their website and downloaded after turning off my norton 360 sonar protection. Due to very few users. Site not reconized. Anyways I got the 45 about as fast as I lost it. Uninstalled the software. Dont know what it is but something just dont seem right with Platinum Reels or Atlantis Gold. Oh ya Atlantis Gold is BetOnSoft software

  32. VIP100 worked for me planet7 $3000 play thru $250 withdraw

    Thanks 😀

  33. same for cools cats :mrgreen:

  34. VIP100 wrked at all 3 WOW

  35. vip100 works at club player and vegas strip also cant try slots of vegas got a stuck coupon same with party city thanks

  36. Works at Prism too… 😀

  37. VIP100 AT VIP


  39. vip100 worked at sov thank you 😉

  40. no problem! good luck everyone!

  41. VIP100 also works at Prism

  42. carole what was the invite code to atlantis gold if u dont mind sharing

  43. VIP100 worked at Silver Oak too

  44. code for atlantis gold was 63TPMN,but not sure if that’s just for me or everyone.good luck! for platinum reel ,i just asked site operator and she gave it to me,no invite… 😆

  45. thks for vip100 it was dead all over now we have this code thkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk



  47. HEY ALL




    This is the only press I could find on Platinum Reels:
    I edited out several paragraphs to shorten the article

    link to article: http://www.betonsoft.com/News_details_2011Sep26.html

    September 26, 2011
    BETONSOFT Announces Agreement with Quantum Leap
    BETONSOFT have just announced the conclusion of successful negotiations with its latest licensee, Quantum Leap, resulting in what promises to be a highly rewarding partnership.

    The combination of vision and drive displayed by Quantum Leap and the experience and undisputed market leadership of BETONSOFT means only one thing: one of the most dynamic collaborations in the online casino industry.

    Quantum Leap introduces its first brand – Platinum Reels – featuring the very latest BETONSOFT casino lobby, along with an already established array of player favourites which will translate to a remarkably high level of customer satisfaction.

    BETONSOFT welcomes Quantum Leap aboard as part of a new synergy which is destined to be highly successful and mutually beneficial.

  49. ………………….AND THE REST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. vip100 worked for me in prism slots of vegas, club olayer, silver oak, and wild vegas…thanks

  51. He posted the link to the article which will list the others.

  52. cool thanks…they sneaking in something though cant pin it yet

  53. Only other one I found was Lotus Asia Casino. Platinum Reels. Atlantis Gold And Lotus Asia are probaly all owned by Grand Prive so take caution with these casinos

  54. Does anyone have an invite code for Atlantis Gold?

  55. oh yah grand Prive look at the casino layouts…seem like anywhere you been before

  56. Does anyone else think that rusty is just making an ass of himself for starting out the chat in such a belligerent undertone. And also that he’s a little too involved with a free code for a casino which he obviously doesnt like. Can someone say gambling problem :roll: :roll:

  57. does anyone know how u can turn off your nortons to download new ?

  58. Hi Everyone! Got another good code…..

    UCB100…..Slots of Vegas and Prism!

    Good Luck! 😀

  59. VIP100 worked for me on silver, club vegasstrip, cool cat,prism, thanks to whoever gave it. fun, fun, fun

  60. Pam!! I have Norton and with some casino downloads I have to save it instead of running it. Save it to a file which should go in your downloads. then run it from the file set up. I dont know which norton u have. U may have to turn off sonar protection, Insight protection, and Nortons community watch. Hope this helps

  61. thanks jeremy :-)

  62. Jeremy, iit worked, but i was not eligeble..go figure

  63. Sucks for the ineligibility. Allthough Im glad I was able to help.

  64. Don’t try using this code at platimumreels casino. They will not honor it. It says code is invalid. What dirt bags. I am deleting this casino.

  65. Hey TC ,Go F**k yourself Douchebag, dont like reading what I posted for shits and Giggles… Can you not see I was Having a good time, you think im being Serious, Your a dumbass, your about as Dumb ass they come huh, “Gambling Problem”, you know how many free chips I have cashed out Idiot….None…. but have cashed out this,… http://www.betbigdollar.com/news18jan2011.htm can somebody say, won more money in 5 minutes than You made in a year, notice nobody responde, Go by a friend, Or some pussy cause it kinda shows you aint had none since it had You! Oh wattsa matter TC, tried to go Trolling and latched onto a 200lb’er with 5lb Tess

    • RIGHT ON RUSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot damn that must have been exciting. How long did it take for you to get your money? If you were sent a check did you have a hard time cashing it? Wow that is amazing. It’s really nice to actually talk to someone who’s actually won a substantial amount of money. Congratulations! :-)

      • They puit me through hell getting the cashout approved, denied it twice! I did in fact have two accounts but had since been depositing in only one, around 100 dollars total deposits over a Month! They called me two hours after the second denial. “Hello Russell how are you doing today” I quickly said “Not to Good Im Currently Packing C-4 into a Letter Bomb, May I have your address please” she than told me “That they where going to go ahead and Approve my cashout soley based on the facts that I have deposited with them in the past, and that denying my cashouts greatly increases the Memory and Excitement of the win for the rest of your life”….IT DID. This was back when Quick tender was available so believe it or Not within a week and a half From my withdrawl request I had the entire funds available in my bank account! Betonsoft is only allowed to send $10,000.00 a week, this keeps funds low profile as to not attract Uncle sams attention! I have had friends cash $6,000.00 checks like hotcakes! They appear with employee like numbers on the checks so as to make it seem to be a payroll Check, I gave away $5500.00 between my 2 brothers and 2 sisters, My Dad Unexpectedly Passed away a month Prior, leaving my mom with Stage 4 lung cancer, So my wife and I immediately Moved in and to put it Frankly Spoiled the living shit outta her wonderful soul for the next 6 months and she passed away with me at her side Last July20th, so All the material Items we bought for her, we Then just disbursed them throughout the grandchildren and children with the estate, SO yah Miss you Momma, and I loved every moment of it and Are Blessed to be the only of her childrenb to Get that much time In her grace… RIP Terri Wawrzynowicz

  66. can someone tell me what the $100 code is for Lucky Creek

  67. 100FREE, works sometimes, 25FREE, 50FREE

  68. I was able to get the $10 after registering. but of course it didn’t last long..still was fun

  69. Hey Rustyinwest!! I agree with TC on his 1st comment cause you were being a smartass to poor shaun. But He danced around your simple question and didnt give a straight answer as if the casino had something to hide. I found your comments to be very funny. And congrads on the win at big dollar. As far as TC’s comment on a gambling problem, we all here have a gambling problem. So TC try keeping your pety comments to yourself, and dont be a little bi*ch about the humor in others.

    • It was obvious Rusty was having fun, and it made me laugh too. It also brought up some very vailid points, why did you have to pull teeth to find out when they opened? How do they have so many winners when they are open only short amount of time? So all in all, it was a good read. Few laughs, and a few things to keep noted. Thanks, and yes, congrats on your big win Rusty, that’s awesome!

  70. Thanks Jeremy, this is was just a small piece the guy put me through/I put him through, there was 3 more chat transcripts, I was trying to deposit actually and It would allow 0 cards to be registered and He wanted to try and tell me that there would have to be a ticket submitted to the tech team(FYI, theres no such in any of these casinos) and would get back to me, Which IO still have not heard a word and no I never will, He was Lying to my face and I knew it! this was my final login to chat with him, as for being hard a Somebody that wont give me an easy answer, lies to me, puts me off, jerks my chain…..I think I was wayyyy to Nice

  71. i replied to both you guys , 6 hours later…nothing, proly get 15 post in the morning, this was justa small area i covered with Saun…what started it was 0 cards allowed to register with casino he said was tgech issue…ya right

  72. Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with ‘Kelly’

    Kelly: Hi , welcome to our live help facility. How may I assist you today?


    you: PRFREE10

    Kelly: May i ask where you heard about this offer?

    you: BY EMAIL FROM casinobonus2.co

    Kelly: Unfortunately not all bonus posted on forums coincide with casino offers. Should you have received our promotional welcome offer mail you may be eligible to receive this bonus.

    Kelly: The email would need to have been received from Platinum Reels and not Casinobonuse2

    you: for some people it worked, but not for others, im not sure i get it. all new players should be treated equally, dont you think?

    Kelly: Unfortunately Platinum Reels is by invitatation only, i do apologize Deanna

    you: what bonuses do you have ?

    Kelly: We have the welcome offer which consists of 3 bonuses, as well as an array of weekly promotional offers, bonues and rewards

  73. Damn big Baller. Must be nice to play for $125 a spin. Pretty much all year I havent been able to win sh*t. I used to hit all the time with rival casinos last year. Now Im left with few options. The rival casinos I can play at now just arent the same. Oh well. Ill still play on. Sorry about what you went threw with your family. I know its hard to deal with the loss of loved ones. My brother died about 7yrs ago. I lossed my father last year to crohns disease. He was 55. I have no wife, no kids, Not much to keep my mind right. But Im strong and life goes on. So stay strong Rustyinwest and keep winning big money.:D 😀 😀

  74. did not work for



  77. HI GUYS

  78. WELL AG45FREE worked for me but i talked to live support they told me my code it worked 1 time 4 me 688LU8 worked BUT 63TPMN AND 639TSR DID NOT GOOD LUCK GUYS PS I DIDNT GET THE EMAIL BUT THEY HAD SENT 1

  79. Just heard 1st 25 players registered on tournament Kings of War win free spins!

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