50 Free spins bonus Atlantis Gold Casino

December 9, 2011 in $26 - $75, Bet On Soft, No deposit codes

New 50 Free spins bonus from Atlantis Gold Casino

Your bonus code: AGIS5001

50 free spins on the Age of Spartans

usa casino USA Players Accepted

Sent by Diane and Denise


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  • auto play 100 spins. If you don’t like the way its going, crash it and when you log back in there they are ready to roll again. I guess that after maybe 20 or 30 hours of this I might make a dollar! one dollar at the most. TAKE YOUR 100 FREE SPINS AND SHOVE THEM atlantis :lol:

    signed an ungrateful freeloader

  • Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with ‘Katherine Hunter’

    Katherine Hunter: Welcome to Atlantis Gold Casino’s customer support. May I have your email address please?

    Crystal Needy: rystal Needy

    Crystal Needy: just speaking with you

    Crystal Needy: Crystalneedy.cn@gmail.com

    Katherine Hunter: what happened?

    Crystal Needy: I just played Bucksy Malone on play money

    Crystal Needy: and went to the bonus

    Crystal Needy: no problem

    Katherine Hunter: Okay, so it’s just with the play for money section right?

    Crystal Needy: yes

    Crystal Needy: I currently have 27 free spins left from the 50 I was credited last night from my phone verify

    Crystal Needy: and I was on the whisky barrol bonus when the error accurred

    Crystal Needy: now everytime I go in, it asks if I want to complete my free spins I say yes

    Crystal Needy: then it tells me i won the bonus, starts to load bonus screen then error

    Katherine Hunter: Okay, we will report this to our technical team

    Katherine Hunter: Please allow 24-48 hours for the feedback

    Crystal Needy: okay, in the meantime

    Crystal Needy: I tried to claim the bonus for the free spins on Sparton slots

    Crystal Needy: and it wouldn’t let me

    Crystal Needy: can you assist with that

    Katherine Hunter: What is the code?

    Crystal Needy: AGIS5001

    Katherine Hunter: Please hold while we check on your account.

    Crystal Needy: thanks

    Katherine Hunter: just to check, where did you get the code from?

    Crystal Needy: it was in an email i got

    Crystal Needy: about a week ago, but i didn’t make my first deposit til yesterday

    Crystal Needy: so I knew i couldn’t use it

    Katherine Hunter: Are you getting an error message when you try to redeem it?

    Crystal Needy: just says i am not eligible, but I will check again

    Crystal Needy: “you are not eligible for this bonus”

    Katherine Hunter: Sorry but there’s no tag on your account for the bonus code, I will check it with promotions, we will get back to you on this.

    Katherine Hunter: But to check, did the email come from us?

    Crystal Needy: i don’t remember, i just tried to look to find it

    Crystal Needy: no luck yet

    Crystal Needy: but considering yesterday was my first deposit, your game is broken, I think the least you could do is offer me free spins on another game

    Crystal Needy: so far this has been a horrible experiance

    Katherine Hunter: sorry but there’s nothing I can do at the moment.

    Katherine Hunter: I can only report it to promotions.

    Crystal Needy: sorry, but I will never be depositing here again…. out of 20 casinos I have deposited at…this is the worst

    Katherine Hunter: Sorry if you feel that way

    Crystal Needy: no problem….I will make this situation known.