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  • I redeemed 155 comp points at Jackpot Capital a couple months ago.

    –which btw, were accumulated from 5 or 6 snail mail $50 free chips 8^) —

    And that $1.55 turned into $3,845

    980 by Western Union–2 days

    2400 by Check–4 days

    The Rest I Let It Ride back down to 0.00

    Needless to say, I am not eligible for Free Chips anymore, but they did honor that awesome day’s winnings.

    I honored Japan with my presence ;^)

    Compi! 8)

  • I tend to get codes and discs by snail mail and when I try to use them, I realize I have done so already. Wonder why they send them out when they know darn well they wont work twice LOL. But I try anyway.

    • damn, im about done with this place. too many posts don’t get posted after spending the time composing them. anyways, btw hank- $30 fee for check. $150 min and $3000 max per week this method. okay no more free promos, they gonna hafta send me double chips if they want more! heh GL

      • hehe the keno calculator will tell you all you need to know. Most RTG kenos pay in the low 80% Pick 7 numbers and the sd is over 40% and its less than 2% for most other keno so if you can play RTG keno with a free chip always bet 7 numbers. you get about 95% on keno if you play it right every where else that’s all I’m saying and way less for rtg but the standard deviation makes it a game worth playing with a coupon – deposit or not :)

      • lol you shoulda seen the one that didnt get posted! no actually it was shorter. sometimes after i hit submit, they vanish into the bonusblog triangle. i think it’s a magnetic field problem, or maybe waterspouts? hard to say, but we never find any letters or punctuation marks washed up on shore near the emails last known position.

        the ufo nuts may be right. could be alien gamblers snatching my emails for weird experiments. or a warp in the very fabric of space/time….. i bet thatguy knows the answer…….

        hey thatguy! any theories on this phenomena?

        • yeah, whenever they see spirals in the sky in norway, alaska, or australia it means your post got shot down by the vinnie vanDough starry starry night blog defense system. Some days you just can’t get one in under the radar bud.

          proffers thatguy as he sits wrapped in a multi-colour dream coat made of the fabric of space-time wavicles from the looms of thessaly smoking a hookah

    • hey hank, i’ve been playing JCap for some time now. I’ve always used a check for withdrawals. They are a fast no-nonsense paying group and very well managed. in the past i had received my check in 2-3 days after approval (that was 24hrs max). more recently they sent notice that they are discontinuing weekend processing and approval may be up to 48hrs. (i think they’re tryin to cut costs a little) since this announcement i had a cashout at my door in 5 days total from my request. still pretty darn good.
      At least they haven’t seemed to tighten up the games any. i’ll wait an extra day or two if that was the other option. actually, their keno payouts are better than any other RTG site, which may suggest the other games are a bit looser also. I find i lose at about the same pace as anywhere else though…..very quickly. lol!
      JCap is straight-up, intelligently staffed and gives depositors (me) a lotta personal chips. about 1 a month and sometimes more.

      • yep i checked the payout charts. in particular, look at the higher number of picks tables. 13, 14, and 15 picks. there are some big differences with JCap casinos. they simply have higher payouts on some catch numbers. at first it seems like not too big a deal. but if you play keno for any amount of time, it’s huge. on a couple payouts, it’s huge even if you don’t play much.
        ex: 13 spot, catch 9: clubworld pays 600- jcap pays 800.
        same 13spot catch 10: club world pays 3700 Jcap pays 4500

        intertops has same payout schedule as clubworld and so does every rtg casino ive checked- except JCap. but it may be a good idea to just remember this tidbit and not go public too enthusiastically. when you find any little help with return, better to enjoy it and not rock the boat, ya know? the keno pays are already bad enough based on actual odds.

        • it would be interesting to see if those charts change when you take a coupon. Whats the rtp for the best picks at jpc? I bet it isn’t over 97% so I wouldn’t worry about any cats getting out of the bag, they would be happy to have more people playing keno – most picks suck out in the 80’s and RTG keno is the most volatile keno I’ve seen, the standard deviations are out of this world.

          • oh, please don’t make me do rtp stats! i’m tired! as for the coupons, i never use deposit bonuses, but i know for a fact that they stay the same for nodep chips. The return to player is close to 78% . Vegas live keno pays 75% and here in California, it becomes even worse for our state keno game. But, “our schools win, too!” uh, yeah. riiiiiight, sure they do.

            keno holds the distinction of worst odds in vegas. but the massive returns for one small bet make it alluring to the casual player. ooooooo “alluring!” (i better stop now, gettin a tad frisky for some reason. I must sense something ‘alluring’ nearby) ….. heh gl all

      • Hey kidice, you can compare the keno payouts on a keno calculator. RTG’s can set their own tables. have you compared jpc to inetbet to clubworld and then to slotsjungle or winpalace? I might do that, i’m sure titan/winpalace/slotsjungle have the lowest possible returns on slots.

        But on another JPC note, cash out on Friday and they will process it on wednesday rarely see a check before monday so a week and a half. Cash out monday you might get it friday and thats not too bad. still prefer faster cashout inetbet friday, saturday, sunday have it tuesday :)