Black Lotus Casino no deposit bonus

January 18, 2013 in Bet On Soft, Free spins

Black Lotus Casino has a new no deposit bonus for new players

Your bonus code: BLCFS10

10 Free spins with Arcadia 3D Slot ( 25 lines )

usa casino USA Players Accepted

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  • Yeah, about the being careful & don’t trust people on face value alone…I too, learned this lesson many many years ago, but the hard way would be putting it lightly! The first time this happened beyond the scope of ‘normal’ I’m only human mistakes…I took it real hard…now I mostly just keep to myself…don’t go out of my way without tons of caution that quite possibly borderlines on what could be defined as paranoia…NAW, I’m just a hermit, happy home-body!!
    There are not many places I can go where I can’t wait to leave & come back home, where no-one will bother me or hurt me!!
    Although, getting ripped off over my laptop still happened because I used Craiglist instead of Ebay…of course this jerk still hasn’t paid me…I gave up on it & notified the ic3 Dept….filed a claim with them & now they’ll investigate it! They work with the FBI on these crimes, especially mail fraud! Get this though…I got an email from him last night, because apparently someone from the Dept. contacted him already…I’m nor sure yet, but I am going to copy & paste his msg. to me below…what a jerk!! Here’s the msg. now:

    I gave you wrong name and have close the address you send the laptop to so fbi is not a problem with me have already see the laptop you are a lair cos you dont send the box with it and you said you will send the box its working good i love it but you can use any force to treating me ,i log in to this box once in a wile so go ahead tell all force this is not my name and the shipping address i gave you is already close down lolz
    you can get your money with hard hand lolz

    Like I said, WHAT AN A**!!! The ‘box’ he is referring to is the original box the laptop came in…he asked me about it & I told him I would have to look because I couldn’t remember whether I’d gotten rid of it or not…I never even looked for it before I went ahead & shipped it…still haven’t for that matter…anyway I just thought I’d share the latest on that!!
    Still waiting for my student grant money to come through also…so pretty broke right now…wish it was different, because I’d love to be able to deposit a $50 bill & gamble a bit…homework is driving me crazy already…into the Spring semester only a week!! I will adjust…it’s just been a crazy month gone by & I need a release…besides the usual releases, (if you catch my drift…)
    Thanks for reading my rant…I feel a wee bit better now!!

  • I think the jury DOES see beyond her pretty face…she has a much different look about her than when I knew her 10-11 years ago…she has lost her innocence…no pun intended there!! She always had a beautiful glowing smile…and an overall glow that predicted some wonderful things in her future…but she blew it…blew it real good!!! Now she is 32 years old looking to spend the rest of her life in prison…whether she is sentenced to death…or life behind bars…WOW!!!!

  • MERRIE; i was getting error code with lotus asia for weeks…it wasnt problem with my visa either…ok now i cant make deposits anytime with visa/mastercard…heres what to do; go to, sign up free; theyve got UKASH cards just purchase one and deposit with UKASH at lotus asia …THEN TRY YOUR VISA. should work no problem after that. it worked for me, now i never get error code when i deposit with visa/mastercard at lotus asia casino. :-P

  • Yeah…and you know I would have never thought in a million years she was the kind of person capable of this!! She was very sweet & kind…timid even.

    This world is turning into a crazier place by the second!! It is an EVIL REVOLUTION EVOLUTION!

    I’m just shocked to see her headlining the news on almost every channel to watch…like OJ, everyone is watching!

    I believe her family still lives here in Yreka, CA…I lost touch with her when she moved to Monterey, CA around 2006-2007.

    She and I used to hang out during my shift when I worked graveyards…she would come in and keep me company. When I left Denny’s in 2001, she still worked there.

    • Just be careful Gayka Kynch. I knew a woman who I thought was nice and a “friend” and after a year she comitted many crimes against myself and my deceased brother involving fraud and forgery. Looks and actions can be deceiving at times, so just think it through before you get involved in any way. I thought I was a good judge of character until then but she was so good at covering up the truth that she fooled me over and over. Not trying to tell you what to do…. just concerned. Take care.

  • Has anyone been watching the Jodi Arias trial? Here’s a link:

    I worked with this girl at a local Denny’s Restaurant here in Yreka, CA for 3 years!! She was a sweetheart…an absolute doll!! We used to hang out together…I lost touch with her when she moved to Monterey, CA back in 2006-2007!! This just blows me away!! Not only do I remember her well…she remembers me also, I think I will find out how to write her…not that I root for her awful crime, I KNOW SHE NEEDS HELP!!!

    The text below I copied from the website of the link I provided above…

    Jodi Arias, 32, is accused of first degree murder in the death of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Prosecutors say that in the summer of 2008, after the couple had broken up, Arias stabbed Alexander 27 times, slit his throat and shot him in the head as he showered in his Mesa, Ariz., home. Arias has pleaded not guilty to the crime, and has remained in jail since her arrest in July 2008. A jury will have to decide if she is a cold-blooded murderer or was a victim of domestic violence, as she claims, who was forced to kill. Arias faces the death penalty if convicted.

    • Pretty crazy chick not too bright either considering she left a cover up msg 4 hours after she killed i am here in Phoenix its a pretty popular topic right now. I am sure she could be a sweet heart just as i am sure she is 101% guilty but does it deserve the death penalty no absolustly not. it wasnt in cold blood it was in hot . a heated rage im sure !!! i can only imagine what he did to get her that hot !!!

      • This is one for the Death Penalty if ever there was one! Her Interview on Inside Edition proved that.
        Her display of arrogance and her lack of respect for life came through very clear.
        Her change of stories says she knows what she did is wrong cus she keeps trying to cover her tracks.
        And anyone who has seen the crime scene photos and still feels the Death Penalty is not called for obviously is against the Death Penalty in any case.
        Personally I am Pro Death for cases such as this and am a supporter for the quick enforcement of Death Penalty Sentences.

      • If ever there was a case that deserves the death penalty this is it she is a sick pathological lying murderer that is beyond rehabilitation I only wish this jury can see through her beauty and convict her of 1st degree murder so they can execute her

  • In case you havent looked, Black Asia is offering a 200 percent bonus deposit for your first time deposit with them, the code is on their website, not gonna post it here so it wont get confused with a no deposit code.

  • I got the bonus no problem. Made 1.52 and lost that quickly. But when I downloaded it asked if I wanted it to take my info from lotus Asia to make it more convenient. I liked that!

  • I was ready to download this casino and I went and talk to chat person here is the transcript

    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with ‘Griffin’

    Griffin: Welcome to Lotus ….How can I assist you today?
    Hi I received an email claiming to be from Lotus Asia asking to download a new casino called Black Lotus casino is this email actually from you or is this a scam?
    clara: offering 10 free spins
    Griffin: do you have a code for the offer mam?
    clara: BLCFS10

    Griffin: The e-mail has been sent out by the marketing team yes.
    clara: OK, THANK YOU
    Griffin: my pleasure and all of the best with your gaming

    • Thanks for the codes, oh and dopicomana I just love the GRIF, make sure you ask for your free spins everyone after you deposit anything at Lotus, I have not deposited at black Lotus yet but I’m sure there the same. My sis just got a check from Lotus Asia 1800 bucks weeee, It took only 8 days from the time she cashed out sent via DHL, and we are in Cali. GL all on tonights tourney :-P :-P :-P :-P

  • Oh. Also said Sunday & Tuesday $10 tournaments

    Thursday and Friday FREE tournaments with Limited Entries.

    OK. that’s all I know about this new place. I can try to post my email if you want to see it…if our watchdogs at (is it called world press) will allow it to be posted. I really do not know why it wouldn’t let me post the free spin code though! I seldom have a code to post for us, and I was pretty excited about contributing. bummer oh well :roll:

      • I didn’t get a code for FREE TOURNS. All I got was that box that comes up at the end of every exit for BOS casinos. It just said that they had the Sunday and Tuesday $10 tourneys and the free ones Thursday & Friday. Probably get the code when you click on info in the tourney screen on Thursday and Friday? Just have to see. Maybe someone else has gotten a code from them for this.
        Remember it did say LIMITED ENTRIES for Free tourns, so start checking around Tuesday to see if it is posted yet to register. Good luck everyone.

  • Well fellow players, black lotus is apparently sister to lotus asia as they had my info, gave me the 10 free spins no problem (plus 25 lines which was nice) and I hope they both put the bogus bet on soft places like AG and TJ out of business. Good luck all :wink:

  • Well fellow players, I just tried black lotus, they had my info so it seems to be the sister to lotus asia. Claimed the promo, no problem, 10 spins arcadia 25 lines. I am glad lotus opened another one and I hope they put rogue casinos like AG and TJ out of business. Good luck all :wink:

  • I have been trying to post this for 20 minutes. What the H does ‘trying to inject email into post” or something of an error like that mean anyway?! arggg Anyway…I got an email. It was from LOTUS ASIA about their New casino BLACK LOTUS. It said to download and then claim the free spins on Arcadia. My email said it was an “exclusive invite”, but that is just so much BS considering they have it posted on here. I made over $4 playing it. Good luck everyone.

  • Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with ‘Kelly’

    : sigo con la cuenta cerrada, ahora me registro en éste casino y lo mismo : mis mail no los reciben

    : con los documentos y el bonus BLCFS10 NO LO PUEDO UTILIZAR
    : ??

    : ??????????????????????
    : siempre hacen lo mismo no me contestan
    :idea: :?: