Cleos Vip Room no deposit casino bonus codes

January 31, 2013 in $26 - $75, Other

Cleos Vip Room Casino has a new no deposit bonus codes

$15 bonus code: SCRT15

$35 bonus code: SEXY35

usa casino This casino only for USA players

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  • FROM WHAT I HEAR THEY DO PAY OUT ive never cashed out the problems i had with them more pertained to spree credits and spree orders not the casino directly although the same place good luck to winners if i did cash out ild be real careful on leaving large sums in account because vegas vip closed real fast when they are done washing their clothes they are out and a new one will open or if they have to many problems i imagine lol im so hostile towards them because they arent operating as a casino they are selling me points to buy items when i place an order with these points i expect at the very least the majority of orders filled i understand miss marked items but when an item is in stock before and after my order gets canceled only for the price raised several hours later to almost double or more and my points not refunded when canceled and remainder removed or when i contact chat to verify an item to be in stock and then canceled or when i ask for an explanation i get no response i buy and sell gold on ebay to pay for my thousands a month ventures so i was buying to sell i researched brands can guesstimate a value so i very wisely made my purchases i had everything gold tested aswell as a single large silver item and a small silver item i dont know if you are aware of the site which i know for a fact to sell fake silver and fake swiss movement marked watches that are infact cheap japan movements but this is the exact same stuff as listed on bidz i recongnized the tags sent with items and went to bidz and saw same stuff listed not all of it was fake on bidz but for a fact got several fake silver items usually the more hefty stuff but have received from bidz smaller items as well i have 9-10 small silver items from virtual spree several look questionable like stainless steel the one small item i did have tested tested at a lower grade silver if i am forced to pay to assay a dollar worth of silver to resolve this i will be notifying the federal trade commission sending the piece in along with the assay report assaying is not cheap if the article tests less than 92.1% pure silver they are breaking felderal law by selling transporting/mailing etc i should not have to resort to this to get my remaining balances refunded uggh makes my blood boil i have never been treated so poorly by any company ever

  • i was told i could use sexy35 and i never deposited. i asked very direct questions about what type bonus this was and if i could and withdraw an d iwas told yes. I have withdarawal up 8000. right now. i will see if they try to refute it. but i kept copies of chat

  • Well, I have deposited at Cleos before and I was able to redeem the $15 code. Made playthrough and got up to $2000 to cash out…going to send in the docs tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens.

  • i did harrass them after a point i spent thousands here alot of purchases i made for specific items on virtual spree and my orders were canceled even after checking with live chat to make sure available with no explanation points removed from my account no explanation points not refunded on canceled orders no explanation i asked for a statement and was sent innaccurate summary i asked for location and was denied i called 3 times when i was specifically told a maanager would be available no manager then finally i was told i would recieve a call back never did they did refund some of my purchases so you tell me im in the wrong

    i was merely stating that if someone really wanted to play here they could possible change state keep same zip and it might work i did it for security check at platinum reels i dont chach out so i never really have to submit info

  • it just really urks me is all i play at tons of casinos deposit everywhere have never cashed out and if you havent had a bad experience when you do its like your so helpless nothing you can do about it

  • no no im not talking about there i edited date on id and i edited an address on bill becasue i dont have one i have never cashed out anywhere so tell me how i can have as big of problem as i did a cleos i probably have 15 print screens of chat logs and about 10 emails of this whole ordeal

    • You stated you could change the state but keep the correct zip code. You said in another thread you opened several accounts just to show them they have no way to prevent it. Then you said you falsified documents. None of these long posts make any sense. It sounds like you harass them.

  • this is just a theory based on the absolutely horrible customer service and how hard they pushed live chat and emailing for contacting im almost willing to bet they are not in usa they might have an empty room or office space they lease but doubt its more than that they have hired a card processor if you notice you are billed from 2 states deleware you feel more comfortable with them being in usa dont ya but if you have ever tried to contact them you will realize real quick something funny is going on take into account amuzi gaming site is pretty nice to only have one casino and this promotional site so im guessing money laundering i previously contacted amuzi gaming and asked the relationship between themselves casino val vegas vip sweepstakes and cleos they never responded so whether they would be involved who knows but to have one or two places running software that i was told by livechat at vegas vipsweepstakes they were developers and sole proprietors of the software they need to change site to i have 10 million to wash then ill close down in a week like vipvegas open a new site site and do it all over bet they are in country that has the most lax or no gambling laws one that you cant even touch them in anywhere other than usa you cant touch them in lol the only reason i feel this way is because of the run around they gave me when i called on several occasions to talk to manager when i asked location so i may send my request for statement certified mail return receipt and was told i cannot give you that info then another time was told business license was under cleosvip in deleware well i didnt see any licenses for cleos when i looked and why on my statement is billing from 2 different states watch your cheap silver from virtual spree if you care have it tested i got one piece that was super low grade silver not 925 i hate to pay to have 1 dollar worth of silver assayed but just might because im disputing remaining balances on virtualspree and cleos about 1000 if they were legit they would have better customer service not canceling orders left and right removing points ignoring you 36% of my orders were filled and i ordered quite a bit ild suggest just watching them all gold i got tested good and the more expensive silver item 14000 spree credits tested good i havent had the rest of small silver items tested take 90% off the spree points of cost and thats msrp 10% of that is around actual value

  • THIS IS MERELY WHAT I THINK NOTHING I CAN PROVE they contract the software from amuzi gaming for a certain time frame i contacted amuzi gaming and midas affiliates and never heard back i asked the relationship between casino val vegas vip sweepstakes and cleos vip room no response amuzi gaming has a pretty nice site for only 2 places running software 1 listed as casino no usa player so through calling cleos on the phone to speak to manager which i never was able to nor was my call return as i was told it would be several times and the fact they kept telling me to email them im guessing they rent a empty room in an office or suite so they can say they are in usa they contract processor to one located in state they are supposed to be in they contract live chat oversees or maybe they are located where casino is actually ran from probably in a country that you cant touch them is is basically all lol but if you had 10 million or more to launder what a better way to do it than to open a casino sell stuff 90% more than its actually worth so yeah take 90% of what you are paying at virtual spree and whats left is the actual around about value be in a country they cant be touched but claim to be in usa makes you feel more comfortable doesnt it do as vegas did and close down in a week or so when they are done and open a new site that cuts all ties with any previous issues you might of had with site hire different people and do it over again the customer service here is to poor to be operating as a legit business

  • i use gimp picture editing kind of fun but have edited different names addresses on casino document ie photo id mine expired i just changed the date bank statements i so hate people running this place to bad they are only ones using software that accept usa casinoval said no go lol wish vegas vip would open back up but i honestly doubt they are smart enough to tell difference ild try changing what you enter in for state but keep correct zip code post office will catch and fix it it makes it through these guys i doubt are in usa from experiences with them when i asked location i was told sorry cant give you that info then i was told business licence was under cleos vip in deleware but if you notice billing is done from 2 different states i believe to have business licence in deleware you do not have to reside in that state but i didnt see listing under business licenses in deleware so heres my theory

    • Did you figure out the download issue hissl? I have Win7, and occasionally I have the same thing happen. File downloads, then Windows hangs on security scan or something…

      To run the file:

      1) Start download, selecting the ‘Save As’ option in the ‘Save’ drop-down menu (click and hold the little down-arrow on the ‘Save’ button)) Choosing ‘Run’ file might work as well so long as you know where the file goes….

      2) Go to download folder while its downloading, it will be named ‘_____.exe.partial ‘. Right-click, copy, right-click paste that bitch right in the folder. You may have to try a couple of times to get a copy of the file.

      3) Rename file – delete everything after the first period and replace with ‘exe’. Like if the file’s named: ‘myfile.deeOdublegee.exe.partial’
      Rename to: ‘myfile.exe’

      4) Open your renamed copy of the download file……

      Hope this helps…

    • Thanks for letting me know,(I’m from N.Y as well) & I almost went to play =( It sucks that some usa casino’s don’t let N.Y players qualify, especially because it’s hard enough to find a halfway decent, trustworthy usa accepted casino with a good no deposit bonus, that makes me wanna actually invest =(

  • The deal I had downloading, was it appeared to go to a promotions page and get stuck there. What I couldn’t see was that it was actually downloading (takes a really long time), because it was hidden under my task bar. When I moved my task bar to the left, then I could see it was downloading. After a few minutes it finished and all went well. Hope this helps:)

  • the software rocks i havent had any troubles except for games loading slow i just go into task manager and set everything i know what is is on computer to slow priority and game to high priority

  • neither of these 2 bonus codes workedfor me.Ive never claimedano deposit bonus beforefrom this casino,and its telling me that Ive exceeded the number bonus activation limit

  • i cannot get this software to work either and i have tried EVERYTHING :-x i disabled everything cleaned out everything tried it in all the different browsers added more memory to my comp and still no. their tech people have no solution. :roll: if anyone knows the secret? :idea: :idea: :?: :?:

  • i realize not every one will have a problem here lots seem happy i was not had nothing but problems obvious language barier not in usa oh and for those who doubt i did take screen shots of chat logs and emails where they refused to tell me where they were located lied to me about my balances etc dont get me wrong i still play here on different account but ill never deposit again and will be disputing charges for my remaining unspent balances which is about 1000

  • i have not had good experience with this site and i dont cash out i can guarantee if you ever have a problem you will be sorry you will be ignored you will not be able to talk to a manager when you call in if you account ends up blocked for whatever stupid reason they will not give you any option to resolve i had 150 withdrawable on my account and they blocked me they have removed manually points from virtual spree filled only 36% of orders made 1 item i received a small silver item was of a less quality than stamped i only had tested 4 items that i purchased 2 gold tested good 2 silver the expensive one tested good the cheap one did not problem is in order to test you have to damage and i purchased about 8 small silver items and would venture to say maybe 3 if not more would not assay as such so be careful and dont cause any problems lol

    • I have cashed in all the codes in the new coupon line on this site without doing anything on Facebook etc. Probably will never be able to cashout but the games are fun.

    • Well.. the scrt15 code is from their facebook. Doesnt say anywhere that is only for new players. You’re suppose to share that pic on your timeline to receive that one. ANDY should do his homework. You should try chatting with Alex. He’s much more appreciative of us customers.

  • hi , i dont know how people are getting on to this site. i was told i have to disable my virus protections or fire wall when i download. has any 1 eles had problems with casino not opening. i wrote to teck. support . and they said to dis able virus protections. did you all have to disable yours ty josie46

    • I was having the same problem, tried 4 different times and still could not download. I finally logged off went to bed and the next day tried again. It finished without a hitch. Just remember that you have to register with the casino in order for the download to complete.

    • I downloaded this site without any computer changes. It would be a bit scary to disable your virus protection to get this site up. By the way, does anyone have the code for the $1000 tournament at AG/TJ ?

  • Hmm. Did you go into the cashier to use it?? I just actually went to check their facebook, and that $15 code is on there.. after you click on the picture they posted up and SHARE it on your facebook, then it directs u to a page with the code. I checked out the terms to:

    $15 Free slots chips

    For U.S. customers only.

    Terms and Conditions:

    – No purchase is necessary.

    – Player must SHARE the bonus on FACEBOOK to earn the Free Chips.

    – Your account must be on zero in order to partake in this promotion.

    – Each bonus has a play through requirement with a minimum of 30 times before any prize may be claimed.

    – This promotion is valid between the 31st of January until the 6th of February.

    – Only one bonus per customer allowed.

    — maybe you should contact live chat. I’m sure they will figure this out for ya. Good Luck!

  • :( Those codes are only for new players.I got lucky/won about $600 right off the bat and was ready to cash in but the cash in process was so long that after a few days got tired of waiting for processing and lost the whole $600 quick. Easy come easy go I guess. Iknow lost at least 200 pulls in a row without even one win. The games at Cleo’sviproom are extremely tight.

    • :-o So… Now YOU dont have to bother the chat reps for your bonuses cuz “cashier” has a spot to enter in no deposit coupons! ABOUT TIME!! So.. I logged in and went to cashier..entered in the $35 coupon.. it said i received the exceeded amount of the bonus. Entered the $15 code.. GOT it! And I been playing on cleo since sept. THANKS for posting these codes. I dont know where you guys get them, but I sure dont get them or see them anywhere but here. :mrgreen: