Free Spin Casino $20 no deposit bonus code

July 11, 2013 in $1 - $25, RTG

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  • Hi Woden
    Sorry I didn’t keep the chat log last night- No I don’t play those other sites anymore- just Liberty, pamper and ac casino, sometimes a few others- I posted the link the chat guy gave me- It didn’t work- I’ll try again tonight-

  • anyone else think admin would have an unfair advantage in the contest? i mean pretty obvious they would especially since they have the ability to edit whatever they want including dates times and names

    • Read about this in quite a few posts and I agree, that is not fair at all. I also dislike the censorship that is going on on here.

      Wodan pointed out some facts that turned out to be valid, by the looks of it. He backed up what he said. So now the cat is out of the bag, and he gets banned. Ofcourse, there might be something he did wrong that we don’t know about, but chances are, someone got caught because of his posts and now they are shutting him up. Which is too late and kind of a way of saying you are guilty of the things Wodan charged you with….

      Please don’t get me wrong, I love CB2 and the effort Sydney is and has been putting into it. But ever since a certain someone got administrator rights, things are getting out of hand and the people adressing the issue are banned or ignored. Not cool at all. I really hope this will all get fixed soon or that we at least get some answers.

      Have a great day everyone!

  • I thought that all the codes were verified before they were posted. At least that is what I am told when I try to post one. Umm, I guess not. Oh well, off to try the next ones.

    • Really? It actually says “this code has not been tested so therefore it can’t be submitted?”
      I never seen that message or heard anyone say that.
      Man, if it could tell that, we’d be in much better shape.

      But really, I am curious, did it really give you a message like that?

      I’ve only heard people say they get “this code has already been submitted” or “you are awesome, thanks for posting this code”, something to that effect.

      • I am with you Birchy never heard of that kind of warning. But that would be a hard intelligence to maintain since codes are random & change all the time for numerous casinos. Gosh just trying to wrap my mind around all the variables & formulating an algorithm to block untested codes or even bad codes is insane!

        Makes me empathetic to Sydney & his programmers @ CB2 … a lot of work to keep up with.

  • i was told no longer available. then they offer deposit code of 450- percent. when i asked why it disappeared so quickly, i was told nothing because they quit speaking to me lol

  • Well sense this is a gambling forum and i am a gambling man ill put 10to1 odds that you yourself the one who submits the most on this forum some good some bad DID NOT GET THIS ONE if you did you didnt already have an acct Hey Dop slow down a little bit and lay off the carrot juice and maybe take a minute to verify some of these code take pride in your efforts you put out and you will c u will still win

    • It’s not Dopi Flash….it is new players who are gumming up the works. They are taking every code they see and sending in hoping that Sydney will make a mistake…which he has and print them. No-one is verifying anything anymore. Not even Sydney knows what is good and what is not.

      • sid i would have to dissagree with the part its not dopi her name is listed who posted this so if like i said take an extra minute to try it herself she would know hat this code is about as good as tits on a bull

        • Again so collected, nicely done Flash!

          How can your concern not relate to the only one AFFILL * I * ATED (no pun intended) with the code.

          I thought critical thinking was explored in the courses offered by accredited degree programs?

          Maybe problem solving in 8th grade Algebra could have helped him before he answered for his sponsor. Oops did I say that? I didn’t mean that. Did I? :lol:

      • The site was just great the way it was,and now with this money for codes thing every one just post any thing they see and its realy twisted things. We need to go back to the beginning, so many realy nice people everyone posted codes an expected nothing in return just a chance to get free codes. and now???

    • NONAME-Karen,
      When did u stop playing lucky18,slotastic,desert, and GP?…
      Something’s up….Where my nonameK @..?..
      but I challenge u…
      Send me the ‘https’ ‘html'(no txt version) from ‘chat’ where u were given instructions to visit a site and download from there in order to receive this bonus….
      You do that and i’ll send you CASH(or paypal, netspend, etc) to cover this code….
      balls in your court…..

  • i ask why NONE of the previous ‘bigchiplist’ codes were NOT published and this was..??..

    Look @ it from this perspectrive…

    dopicomamaFree Spin Casin $20.00 the*** 10 Jul, 07:41

    KaterinaSlots Inferno 100 $ free… the*** 30 Jun, 02:31
    KaterinaRoyal Ace Casin… 20$ free the*** 25 Jun, 14:54
    Frank Harper…Mighty Slots $100 the*** 24 Jun, 04:24
    Frank Harper… Mighty Slots $100 the*** 24 Jun, 04:24

    WodanRTG ‘rogue 6’$100the*** 22 Jun, 04:14
    Wodan ROYAL ACE $20 the*** 22 Jun, 04:08

    • Well I am a dipshit if it’s obvious, sorry. Are you saying that some of the one’s listed here were not published on CB2?

      I am sure that you are but I am even more sure that there are members here who aren’t grasping what you are saying by just listing them as one set of posts. Maybe if you itemized separately the one’s that were submitted but never published.

      I also don’t think many will have the fortitude (thanks Wyld :?) to research the information you are providing.

      I think you left a little bit too much room for confusion to rally support from the masses. It is so much more effective when you break things down specifically.

      I am not trying to be your campaign manager, I just want your evidence to be understood by everyone so they can make informed decisions.

      I apologize for being so intrusive about your comments, I am a supporter & a Belieber :oops: I meant Believer well I am both. :wink:

    • Now really, what is up with that, everyone posted sooner, and you yourself a month before dopi, but yet her code gets put up there?
      This is the kind of stuff that gets me riled up.