Lincoln Casino $10 no deposit bonus

July 16, 2013 in $1 - $25, For new players, Other

$10 no deposit bonus at Lincoln Casino

To receive your $10 no deposit bonus, please contact our 24/7 support team

usa casino USA Players Accepted

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  • It’s evident from everyone’s posts that there are a group of PAYING Liberty/Lincoln players getting absolutely NOTHING recognizing player loyalty and shitty ass customer service and another group experiencing the complete opposite. I don’t see anything to argue back and forth about? this week?

  • It would seem some people do have better luck with getting comps at casino’s than others.
    It just must be the mood of the person you get a hold of that day…or the mood you are in when you ask.
    I say, when you are a regular depositor, ask again later, maybe you will luck out and get a different live chat rep who is in a better mood.
    This actually worked for me once, I was told no by live chat that night, went again the next day and live chat told me yes.
    So….you can’t ever tell, you might get lucky. :)

  • I signed up through the link from and when I asked live chat for the $10 they told me that they were not linked with this website and that they do no give welcome bonuses. They told me that the only way I would get a bonus is if it was emailed to me by them. Needless to say, I did not get my bonus.

  • well I didn’t mean to be bitchy or sassy but those live agents were rude and that is the only point I meant to make I love it here at this site thank you a 1000 times for all other happiness u have given me !!!!

  • To aKAx-

    Thanks for the advice. I usually play the dollars and progressives…still no luck. I attempted getting all statistical like you mentioned, but it was not for me and took the fun out of the whole thing. I’ll hit the mother load one day….I can feel it in my bones :0)

  • This site is super confusing…I didn’t call anyone a liar..not even hinted towards it…those comments and an onslaught of others were made by Flash and apparently its cool with you if she’s abusive towards several members but not cool if we defend ourself? I will say again ..I have not had the luck that she has with Liberty. I deposit all the time and never been given a reward chip though I have asked via chat and email. I was replying to Flashes unwarranted rants where SHE calls US LIARS and some madness about us being non depositing beggars making her sick as well Flash was abrasively angry and vicious without cause. And I don’t deposit at TJ/AG…never said I did. USA players have bad luck with those casinos.

    • i am also a loyal depositor at liberty and i get free chip on my birthday other than that i have also ask for comps and dont get them but they do give me free tournament entries for a whole week sometimes or at least for the whole weekend….i will not be depositing there like i used to because i liked playing the tournys and the changes they have made on them suk a*s so im not giving them my money so much anymore i doubt i will give lincoln any of it either as they have the same suky tourny platform…i do like their games even tho its hard to win and even harder to cash out…but its still one of my favorites…i have never heard of anyone having any problems with cashing out or getting their money from liberty but they are very cheap when it comes to giving out comps

    • @Christie I am not calling anyone a liar, read my comment very slowly Christie lol didn’t call anyone a begger lmao, what are reading! lol oh and you did say Liberty Casino DOES NOT give out loyalty bonuses, over and over. Flash was trying to explain to you they do, and so did I, and again your not listening, you went off. You are the rude one!!! 8-O 8-O :-P :-P :-P :-P

  • Hell yeah that counts Stormy……SOOOO awesome. Do they pay you in one shot or do they still stick to the weekly max withdrawal? I’ve been hitting the slots over 10 years and I STILL haven’t hit over 1500 :o(.

    • You aren’t likely to hit anything big in the long run if you do small bets. Even if you only deposit ten bucks a whack, every now and then you have to grit your teeth and bet one line for at least a buck – if it hits you’ll win 100x more than if you were betting a penny a line, right? Now and then go to a slot with expanding wilds and bet $1 a line on 5 lines – it’s the only way a little guy is going to hit the big ones. Good luck.

      • No clue how you bet, just saying. To have a chance you have to play a rough machine (high risk, SD, volatility, variance whatever you want to call it). Use a bonus with no max cash-out and bet like a fool now and then. If you aren’t real familiar with what a risky slot is slotjunkies has a slot search on the left, down the page a ways. You can search slots by variance – find extreme or high whatever he rates then look in the slots with expanding wilds and when the two meet, go high risk – if you are looking for jackpots on a low budget otherwise you’re probably better of playing the lottery, it just ain’t likely to happen.

  • I logged in, FuriousFlash, please take note. I’d feel awful if if the stress of my not doing so caused you any more harm. You and Mr. Dick just may be the most unjustly livid people on the planet! Our comments have no begging in them and all of us are DEPOSITING players? And I have personally inquired via chat and email multiple times about a player reward chip based on my deposits and I’m told my account never qualifies. I guess I just lack the people skills and kindness that you and the dick seem to charm them over with .

    PS- THANKS A MILLION to DComma and all the rest of the peeps who posted the half million TJ and AG Codes the past few days…..I felt like I hit some secret free spin jackpot…it RULED!

    • Wow Christie, so you are saying Flash is a liar, wow wtf, they do give loyal depositing players bonus money. If you talk to them with disrespect like disrespecting Flash for no reason Yeah you won’t git S H I T, maybe you should learn some people skills. And for the TI and AG ndb you must really be wealthy to deposit after every one of them. lol moo point you will not be able to withdraw you are playing for fun. Good for You. 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O

  • oh and noticed on my lincoln mass emails I get from them they have a bad typo (come on I typo a lot) but when it’s a place asking for your $ If you have forgotten your passwort, please use the forgotten password feature in the casino software or contact our 24/7 support team. LOL

  • Yep…damn straight I’m ignorant to Liberty Loyal rewards because they have not given me even ONE and I’ve been actively depositing for over a year. So, you win . And Liberty and Lincoln are sister casinos, not the one in the same kiddos. Someone said their loyalty points were showing at both casinos, did it take a while for those to show, because my account at Lincoln reflects nothing from Liberty. Regardless, my ignorant ass is off to enjoy the bliss and to all of you who do/are getting those loyalty chips from WHICHEVER Casino, you’re way lucky and that should make you HAPPY …

  • You fucking losers, get a life and stop trying to beg for bonuses, it’s a bonus which is credited after you have your account for 5 days . if you go asking for this you will never receive it because they know you saw it on a blog smh retards

  • OK the post says:
    “To receive your $10 no deposit bonus, please contact our 24/7 support team”

    and I said:
    “Support said this was sent out to specific players and is not for new players and can not be had without the invite.”

    According to everyone that has gotten it you must wait for your email then go to chat.

    So my original post was in fact accurate.

    • I too registered at Lincoln and after one day they blocked my account.I don’t know what the deal is, but I would wait awhile before deposting.
      gl all

      • or…
        And ask? I would, but I’m kinda sure (couldn’t prove it) that it’s the same people from English Harbour
        (oh yeah, their address confirms it within blocks) and I don’t like how cagey they are being. They have a sub-license in Curacao but won’t reveal it and are involved in another group – that although currently trustworthy – could go tits-up any day so I play at Miami when I need my Odds-On, Vegas Tech, whatever they are calling it today fix. When abroad I can play tons of games from the people who make theirs – the same people who make Crypto games, no matter what else anyone might tell ya :)

  • Hey e1. this is michelle with a cleos up date. after long deliberation and fact finding, they decided to comp me 100 dollars for the black jack errors that occurred over three days.

    At first i was really sure they wouldn’t, but they reevaluated everything.

    So now i have to give positive praise to them for working out my problem. i really do like their casino and i would have hated to quit them.

    Thank you for listening to me vent the last few days.


    Thank you Cleosviproom for working it out.

  • AND Liberty does not give loyal players free chips, they match your lost wagers at a low percentage which then gets applied as a bonus that pays only PART of what you win and then you have to play the winnings 40x through to withdraw? Side Note- the issues we are having are with LINCOLN not Liberty, so all that hell fire and venom some people are spewing is clearly being wasted defending the wrong casino. Most importantly , I have NEVER witnessed such unfounded random acts of anger ANYWHERE as I have seen in some of these posts. To those of you I say step away from the damn computer, open the blinds and go outside for a second, the lack of FRESH air and Sunshine is clearly taking it’s toll.This is a forum about GAMING…it should be full of good vibes and well wishes…..not negative nonsense. I’m going practice what I preach and get the F@%K outside….it’s a beautiful day today . Good Luck all … big!!!


    • christie ignorance is bliss if you are to state or post it get your facts in order Liberty does reward their players Thank you for contacting Liberty Slots. I have reviewed your account and credited you with a $25 bonus .
      Thank you for making Liberty Slots the casino of your choice, we look forward to a continued relationship with you in the future.
      If there is anything else we may be able to assist you with please do not hesitate to contact us again.
      Our Customer Support team is available to you 24/7 so christie when you open your mouth the next time have your facts together because if you spend as much as you say send them an email asking them to review your acct that is if you really do dep that much P S and sign in when you come to get free stuff its free

  • lincoln sucks ass….you MUST talk to a rep to get bonus and they demand email, dob & full name (exactly as account is registered btw) to even speak with you. so how tough is it for them to simply make a list of email addresses that received this offer. i would bet a million dollars they have one because this is direct mail you pay piece sent out and they give you a list of emails on a spreadsheet or whatever as verification they are real and so you can followup or whatever. it feels so rude to offer a free bonus to a brand new casino but demand you send back the original offer THEY sent you for their review and then maybe you”ll get it. keep in mind i didnt have the email lol but it really irritates me hahaaha……they’re a new casino….not new to the game….we want our free drink lol. if you cant afford a bonus….dont offer one….i respect and trust that more than this kindda bs

    • That is the way it’s been at English Harbour casino since at least ten years before you started playing online. If you don’t like to follow their rules, don’t take their chips.

  • I would like to clarify that I AM a paying player? I pay Liberty almost as much as I pay my Landlord and that is why I am frustrated. I LOVE the slots at Liberty and was excited to play at Lincoln, but they do not reward their loyal players …ever…and since I opened my account with Lincoln, I ‘ve had more issues than I’ve had with all the other casinos combined.

  • well I didn’t get an email yet but went to chat and got the ten and YES Liberty is a wonderful casino and I do not work for anyone!! this appears to be a sister casino of Liberty

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    • Kat it has actually been More than 5 days for me to be registered too and I got the email saying it had been 5 days for me…just a cover letter they send out. You will probably get yours soon. I don’t deposit jack and I still got it :-D

      • Now if you are looking for hand outs there are plenty of casinos that will give them away try to collect if you win liberty does give loyal players free chips think about it most of the casinos that will pay you if you win dont give that much away they wouldnt be in business long so you want free $ go to cool cat and that group and see if they pay you when you win thought so

      • Richard You are totaly wrong i dont work for no one but myself and i play at liberty alot and i have cashed out 4 times for a total of 3200.00 this is one of the best paying on time in the onlne casinos so dont know how you can publicly put them down when you cant prove what your saying i have the proof also they take very good care of there loyal players so put the pipe down and put your money where your mouth is you dont get something for nothing

  • I got the email. It said it has been 5 days since you registered so here is your 1st free bonus etcetc
    I guess they are sending these out a few at a time…maybe by region? I have seen in comments the last week or so where people have said they got their $10, so it is a trickle down deal. I figured I hadn’t gotten ‘the email’ because I have never deposited at Liberty, but i guess they are just going about it with some strange plan.
    Wow Del…you got one! :-D I haven’t gotten even one yet, not sure it is possible :lol:

    • lol not even worth it if you have to read all these fkg nonmember whiners, I received this bonus, ya they just opened and will have some problems at first, then bashing sister casino Liberty, I like Liberty Casino, bla bla fkg bla over a 10 dollar chip. Ya go outside, step away from the computer. 8-O 8-O 8-O

  • I second that ..this casino blows so far. I signed up 3 days ago and they have blocked my account 3 times for no reason. I too dump quite a bit of cash in liberty and Miami every month and still Lincoln doesnt give a damn. I was told there was no bonus , then when I sent an email, I was told that I had to wait 5 days for a bonus pending my account qualified….and the cust service rep Vicky needs to consider a new profession as she clearly hates the world .

    The End :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  • this place apparently dont know what there doing they told me they dont give sign up bonuse they give registration bonuses two or three days later,well the other wgs casinos miami and liberty gave me ten no problem when i opened my account with them and i spend 50 to 70 a day with one of the two but lincoln i will uninstall and they can kiss my.well u know the rest .new casino sux

    • I just got the emai tonight as well…

      “Hi Rick (Your Account Number is: XXXXXXXXX)

      It has been five days since you registered at Lincoln Casino – now it’s time for your first free bonus. Enjoy a $10 free bonus and have fun playing in our casino.

      $10 No Deposit Bonus*

      To receive your $10 No Deposit Bonus, please contact our 24/7 support team.”

      No clue why I would get this as I love spending my cash at Liberty. Using it to attract deposits is a little puzzling…Isn’t that kind of like stealing money out of dad’s wallet? Even our comp accounts are combined…

      But hey, $10 is $10 and few places better to turn 10 into 100 with ease…

      Have fun