Money Storm Casino $300 no deposit bonus

September 7, 2013 in $26 - $75, BetSoft

$300 free no deposit at Money Storm Casino for new players

Your bonus code: WELCOMECHIP300

New casino like pamper or AC

United States Accepted Players from United States accepted

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  • 05:11jose ricardo silva correia: hy there
    05:12jose ricardo silva correia: can help me to cash out mi winings?? i have complet the bonus
    05:12Randall L.: Hello Jose Ricardo, welcome to live help
    05:13jose ricardo silva correia: hy there thx
    05:13jose ricardo silva correia: can help me con cash out mi winings i dont understand how cna i do i have complet the bonus
    05:13Randall L.: You are almost there, you need to wager a total of €29,700.00 and right now you have wagered a total of €29,605.76
    05:15jose ricardo silva correia: says 100 %
    05:15Randall L.: You are almost there, you need to wager a total of €29,700.00 and right now you have wagered a total of €29,605.76
    05:15Randall L.: Once you meet the wagering requirements all available bonus balance will automatically transfer to real money balance.
    05:15Randall L.: You need to wager just a little bit more in order to qualify for a withdrawal
    05:16jose ricardo silva correia: ah ok i see thx alot i have seend the ticket to cans cash out and mi documents 2 ok?? thx alot
    05:17jose ricardo silva correia: im very tired was 6 hours playng ufff
    05:17Randall L.: You need to play just a little more because as soon as you complete the total required automatically the system transfer you bonus balance to $150 real cash
    05:17Randall L.: Which is the amount you are qualify to withdrawal
    05:18jose ricardo silva correia: is the maximum i can cash out??
    05:18Randall L.: That is excellent that you send your documents
    05:18Randall L.: WoW… 6 hours that is a lot of playing
    05:19jose ricardo silva correia: yes was unreal lol
    05:19Randall L.: Yes the maximum amount you can cash out from a free chip is always half of the free chip balance, in this case $150
    05:20jose ricardo silva correia: ok is very nice dolars ?? or euros??
    05:21Randall L.: Euros, that is the currency of your account, so it will be euros
    05:21jose ricardo silva correia: wow very nice:D:DD
    05:22jose ricardo silva correia: almost there i finish??
    05:23Randall L.: Almost…. €29,689.76
    05:24jose ricardo silva correia: finish!!!:D ufff 5.24 am start 22.30 pm
    05:24jose ricardo silva correia: lol
    05:24Randall L.: It has been released €18.64
    05:24Randall L.: Congratulations
    05:25jose ricardo silva correia: thx alot why i just have in balance 18,64 euros??loololol
    05:25jose ricardo silva correia: so ?? i dont win 150 euros??
    05:26Randall L.: Congratultions Jose R
    05:26Randall L.: Since you have send the ticket to Accounting, they will reply to it in a period of 1-3 business days It means by next Monday during the afternoon you should get a reply from Accounting regarding your payout request
    05:27jose ricardo silva correia: and i dont will recive 150dlrs??
    05:27jose ricardo silva correia: euros
    05:27jose ricardo silva correia: lol
    05:27Randall L.: You won the amount that is bigger than the bonus
    05:27Randall L.: It is one our casino rules, under term #1
    05:27Randall L.:
    05:27Randall L.: Unless stated otherwise with the bonus offer all bonuses offered at Moneystorm Casino are “sticky bonuses”. Sticky bonuses can not be withdrawn from the casino, and will be removed from the account when a withdrawal is processed if that didn’t automatically happen when you completed the wagering requirements.
    05:28jose ricardo silva correia: lolol omg i just win 18 euros???
    05:30jose ricardo silva correia: i dont understand sorry i not win 150 dlrs because when i finish the game i have more money then the bonus????
    05:30Randall L.: Yes Sir
    05:30jose ricardo silva correia: euros sorry
    05:31jose ricardo silva correia: omg lololol this is unreal lolol
    05:32Randall L.: You just qualify to 18.64 Euros because only the amount that is bigger than the bonus of 300 is what you can cashout
    05:33jose ricardo silva correia: Randall and the other players
    05:33jose ricardo silva correia: ??
    05:33jose ricardo silva correia: lol
    05:33Randall L.: Since you had bonus balance of 318 euros when you completed the 100% rollover, the system credited the difference from your bonus balance and the bonus you used
    05:34jose ricardo silva correia: so i just have win 18 euros??? just that??
    05:34Randall L.: So basically only 18 euros is what you had when completed the bonus rollover
    05:35Randall L.: Yes
    05:35jose ricardo silva correia: lol and if i finish the bonus whit 200 euros ??
    05:35jose ricardo silva correia: i win 150 euros???
    05:36jose ricardo silva correia: 1/2 of the bonus??
    05:37jose ricardo silva correia: and explai me please if i finish the bonus whit 200 euros ???
    05:38Randall L.: You finished the bonus round with a bonus balance of 318 euros, so according to the term and conditions mentioned already, the bonus amount (300) is deducted when someone completes the bonus rollover
    05:39Randall L.: That is wht the difference 18 euros is the amount you received as cash
    05:39Randall L.: The bonus sir was 318 euros when you make the rollover
    05:39jose ricardo silva correia: ok thx alot have a nice nithg ;)

  • ok i have make the rollover 100% i hope they pay mi winings i have bet 29700 euros the bonus i can seend picture to confirme that was 6 hours playng im very tired 5:01am in portugal gl all players whic me luck to can cash out the winings :wink: :) :) :) :) :)

  • Hope that is not the case terri0666. We really ought rally together and block ourselves from playing at ANY casino’s that lock you out just cause you won!!!! If that isn’t cheap I don’t know what is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!