$20 no deposit bonus Slots of Vegas Casino

February 5, 2014 in $1 - $25, RTG

$20 no deposit bonus at Slots of Vegas Casino

Your bonus code: 20AFF

United States Accepted Players from United States accepted

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  • Well, I have exhausted my supply of shit-talk for today, tired of watching Fox News and bombed out on all the tourneys. I have to get up early to do my volunteer work at the outreach center tomorrow.so I will bid you, Good Night!

  • Well, banned from a few of them but not the major rtg’s or any of the BOS sites. Grand Parker and that group…I don’t know what is going on with those sites. They never gave out as many no deposit codes as they do now. I think they are in trouble!

    • dont worry once they start to begin banning you there will be more they do share info as Geppetto said to Pinocchio now you see what 1 little white lie creates

  • Sid, I just want you to know, that even though we have these types of conversations, I am grateful for you, and I enjoy you on this site. You make conversation happen!!!
    And yea, you can even be funny sometimes. ;)

  • I am a website owner myself and do searches all of the time to see who is copying my codes. I have been keeping my eye on this site and can honestly say that every time I post a new exclusive bonus, within minutes dopicomama posts it to this site, even if it is stated that the bonus is not to be copied, this member still takes the liberty to do it. So in my opinion, not very honorable, and by doing this is makes exclusive bonuses harder to get, and therefor hurts everyone more in the long run.
    Just had to get that out there.

    • Thanks for letting us know but if a problem with this you can always pm the site to discus this issue i am sure you and this site could reach some agreement within reason but just not in our forum because we as members are aware of certain issues but we as people are not perfect but if a member is posting your exclusive codes please pm Sydney so he can have the correct info to pass on to us so everyone wins

  • Well, let me say this….I remember a member by the name of Odin who made it his job to expose members who worked this way and everyone thought he was wonderful for it. Sooo, what is up? Where are you Odie when I need you?

      • Odin never really liked me! We talked a couple of times through PM’s but other than that he considered me an annoyance. He didn’t need me. Odin did just fine on his own and he had you, Delphi, Hiss and Jenna!

        • Odie never said anything about not liking you and you have us too sid we might not agree all the time but you should know when it comes down to it we got your back

          • aw you underestimate how much you are liked sid you arent that hard to get along with and you can be very funny…you might not have like Odie did but you still got it

          • Odie had 100% of all…I don’t enjoy that privilege and never will because you don’t trust me for one, my personality rubs many of you the wrong way and I am not a conformist! Never have…Never will!!
            Odie and I had a agreement about the way we spoke to each other. That is all I am going to say about that!

        • How can you say that he never liked you did he tell you that i doubt odie said anything about not liking or liking you and he is not here to defend it not like he needs to enough member here that do respect him the man is brilliant and very much educated so just so your or myself dont understand something doesnt mean he dont liike or dislike but even Gump knows stupid is stupiod does

          • 8-O im sorry but i just have to disagree you are not even in the same league as Odie when it comes to smarts…i myself have an off the charts iq but there is no way i think im smarter than O but i might be smarter than you….and Odie doesnt “hack” that is illegal he obtains information…im not trying to be mean sid you kno i luv ya but i dont think there is anyone on this blog smarter than O..

          • Trust me! Odie did not like me but I would buy the guy a beer! Brilliant…not sure about that! A good hacker…Yep!!! Not as educated as you think… I happen to be a little smarter but that is why I pissed him off and many members on this blog don’t like me. I am a cocky wise-ass who thinks he knows it all, which I do!

        • Well Sid, that’s b/c when he was pointing out MUDD and speaking on the poor quality codes that were coming out, you told him he was having psychosis, and what drugs are you on, and maybe he should lay off the liquor a little more. LOL

    • Sid, when members tried to make a point of these things in the past, especially when it was happening frequently with dopi’s posts, you defended dopi, told members it was Sydney’s site, and that these members were just a bunch of conspiracists.
      Other members simply said if you do not like it, or can not use it, just simply move on to the next one and be happy someone tried.
      Where were you when other members were calling foul?

      You only come out and make a point when it is the competition of you and who you are in allegiance with.
      So, no, I find it hard to get angry.

      • I am making a point and I was never and am not now in allegiance with dopi! I don’t know how many times I have to say that! At the time everyone was ganging up on this woman because she submitted a ton of codes and everyone suspected she was working for the sites. Dopi’s job is with disabled people…that is what she does for a living! Anyway, most of dopi’s codes are sent to her directly through email. She was getting a few of them off the blogs and they kicked her off those blogs. Look, I don’t care! This is your blog as much as it is mine and you see what is happening! I know you do because you are not stupid! I can spend all day on the blogs and submit the same codes and everyone will hate me (more than usual) because they won’t work and my name is Sid! I won’t say a word about it after tonight! Thanks for listening!

        • im sorry but thats a crock directly thru emails? ive got some oceanfront property in arizona for sale if you believe that b s …i dont know where you think most of the codes come from but i can assure you everyone takes them from other sites unless you work for the casinos or are running a bot that informs you when the codes come out…email not..sure a few might come from email but majority do not…so why are you picking on sebastian anyway?

          • well i wasnt able to comment yesterday sorry im late lol and im not saying you are not plenty smart either i hope you didnt think so but i just dont see what sebastian is doing so different than anyone else who submits except for getting them in fast enough to get credit

          • We are both computer guys and we have talked through PM’s. I am capable of accessing the same information he does without breaking a sweat. So, the capabilities are unremarkable. Anyway, why are we talking about Odie in the first place? This was all over with yesterday!

        • Sid, sorry to put you on the defensive, nothing wrong with speaking out about the quality of the codes, my point was, I just wished you would of felt as adamant and spoke up just as loud when other members made the same points.

          But realistically, it is difficult for codes to be tested, and the contest only furthers the situation b/c everyone is in a hurry to get their submission in first.

          But even without a contest, I’m sure we’d have a lot of the same issues.

  • Some of us consider the*** a good source, at least I do. Here is just what popped up.

    $20 No Deposit Bonus at Slots of Vegas
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    • Exactly..Copy/paste work work fine here..A lot of new players codes are posted, but well, newbies could use it.
      Most of us are not newbies, we want working codes.

  • LOL, who’s got time to test a code around here that gets submitted when it’s a race on who gets it submitted first? I imagine it could happen, but I believe it to be a rare occurrence.

    And how can a US test a Non US and vice versa?

    How can you test if you exceeded your max amount of non bonus codes?

    How can you test if you are banned?

    How can you test if it doesn’t start until the next day or so?

    In a perfect world, testing is nice, it is considerate, but sorry Sid, you are delusional if you think most codes submitted are tested.

    • I remember a time when we used to argue those points…now it is not important anymore. No, this member consistently sends in codes from other blogs, not sites, not emails…other blogs. Most of the time those codes are exclusive codes and this member does not use the exclusive button to mark those codes. Now, if you are OK with this than fine but it should be known what is happening at the other members expense in order to score points.

          • come on sid really im sure he probably could but why for what gain not like you have anything to loose and besides way too much risk for for our forums broke ass members did you forget why we come here for something for nothing the man is far more intelligent then most so instead of being threatened by him maybe close your mouth and open you mind up you might learn something unless that is your an old dog that cant be taught new tricks and one last thing if he had that ability sure as hell wouldnt waste his time with you or terri1666 dont buy into that theory

          • you dont need to tell me what Odie is im fully aware of his capabilities…its not like he does it for a living sid… when he needs info he gets it simple as that

          • :-| he once told me info about me, some of it was true but there was some a bit off.
            it made me laugh so hard at the stuff i had no idea of what he was talking of…or where he found that wrong info on me.

            i know i google searched my name and found a website with my full name/address/d.o.b all public so from that he really knew nothing else about me.
            the wrong info really made my gut sore thou lol haha :) :lol:

      • No it is not important any more because your friend plays dirty. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: and like Birchy said you can’t test most of them either you are banned from most casino’s Sid!!! SO WHAT

      • Ya, and I remember many times when we argued those points, you simply said “it’s up to sydney what gets posted, his site, his decision.”

        Well, it’s still Sydney’s site, and it’s still his decision.

        • besides that Sid, times have changed, we never had so many Non US codes, and we can’t test those, and casino’s weren’t limiting our usage of no deposit codes, times change, it’s sad but true.

          • Well, another point I forgot to mention too is, people who submit codes are not always ”experienced’, can’t always expect perfection on a site that is tripling in size in 3 years time.

          • this site has tripled in the past 3 years as far as the codes that are posted and has grown in the members and guests i see so many new members and guests some great some we can do without but the best part that is my opinion and this place allows a person within reason to keep it real and when a member or not is out of line our members are quick to defend even if that member doesnt care for another member someone comes in and says something about them even your foes defend you quickly

  • Can not be redeemed at this time which is not a surprise considering the source and merely posted to score points…untried, untested and randomly picked!! Very tired of these posts and demeaning to the members who do a good job testing and submitting codes.

    • testing who has time to test? you will get beat for sure if you take the time to test…testing usually happens after submission..lots of codes cant be tested anyway new player codes (if you arent new) non usa codes (if you are in the usa) or maybe you have redeemed to many freebies in a row…i know you dont think dopi tests her codes hell she doesnt even get the info before she posts alot of the time…i dont know why you are picking on sebastian but you need to stop.. not all codes work.. period…i submitted one just yesterday i was sure was fine it got credited to u kno who cause she beat me but it turned out to be a deposit bonus but was listed as an ndb…it happens not all codes are good and whats the bfd anyway we have all at one time or another submitted a code that turned out to not work it happens..its not like hes making them up they are all out there cause i see them and if you think that she would not be submitting the same codes (and she probably did) your wrong

    • thanks sebastian but dont play here And sid how do you know this code didnt work for him and others because i read a post a while ago when you were saying something about those rtg one never work well for shits and giggles i tried one of those codes that said never work and wouldnt you know the code worked so goes to show that some work for you and not for others and no didnt go to the rtg site to claim just right here

    • sid get that profile picture down you aint no clown and you need to stop hating on Sebastian ya gotta be a jerk don’t ya we don’t wanna hear it grow up go deposit ir find an oldfolks home to babysit you the day is coming

        • No one ever said anything about heart or integrity Delphi! If you remember and I communicated through you I was the one that worked every day to get Odie re-instated back on this blog when he was thrown off by Admin. This is the first time I ever mentioned it but you forced my hand. I said that I respect the guy..what do you want me to say? Now, I have always got along with you except for dopi. I don’t know what the issue is here but if you have a problem with me just come out and say it!