Mandarin Palace Casino $100 No deposit bonus code

April 10, 2010 in $76 - $150, No deposit codes, Other

$100 ND bonus code for Mandarin Palace Casino

Your bonus code: TGRX100

$100 Free casino chip

usa casino USA Players Accepted

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81 responses to Mandarin Palace Casino $100 No deposit bonus code

  1. $20 No Deposit For
    Crazy Slots
    Ask Live Chat :wink:

  2. PetRock, where did you find that code for Crazy Slots? Cause they never give any free bonuses….

  3. TGRX100 code for Mandarin Casino worked for me! ty :mrgreen:

  4. I downloaded the casino and found out that “my account was still under review” …. I contacted “live chat” and was told that you have to send yout ID documentation before they will open up your account….So I did and now wait….. just FYI….:lol:

  5. looking for rtgs with new slot lucky last and hockey hero i know inetbet has them but alresdy played the $3 bonus that lasted all of 2 seconds.

  6. PetRock,

    ty for the bonus code EACS1211 for Crazy Slots Casino. Talked with livechat after downloading and after giving the code was told the $20 would be posted within the next 24 hours. HAVD!!! :mrgreen:

  7. Welcome Your LordShip 8)

  8. code did not work, I signed up as 1st time player, was not eligible for $100 because I had not recieved an invite,contacted live chat big push to get me to bet my $ , mentioned I got the code from ndb, they said not affiliated and do not recognize the codes for bonus. :evil:

  9. Already redeemed at Mandarin – used the code a long time ago. :cry:
    Already redeemed at Crazy Slots – found this when I first started playing. :cry:

  10. Worked for me

  11. did not work for me this is their conversation, do be careful if you deposit for real as you may not be able to take cash out. I wouldnt trust them!

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with ‘Warren Goldburg’

    Warren Goldburg: Welcome to the Casino. Please may I have your e-mail address and the details pertaining to your query.

    you: Hi, am trying to claim 100 bonus, is there any reason why it is not working for me, email is ******

    Warren Goldburg: what code are you using?

    you: tgrx100

    Warren Goldburg: where did you get trhat code?

    you: from a casino bonus forum and it was posted on there today

    Warren Goldburg: Unfortunately that code is reserved for a specific group of players only

    you: ok it should be made clear on that forum, however on clicking on your link for your website, there was a promotion on there to claim $100 free today

    you: That is why i joined your casino to try it out

    Warren Goldburg: you can still claim the 100% match up to $500

    Warren Goldburg: on your 1st three deposits

    you: no dont worry its all a bit misleading and on that note please close my account as i will not deposit with casino’s who do not stand by their promotions. thanks for your help have a great day

  12. perhaps their racist!

  13. Racists????? and your nationality has something to do with it? why dont you be more specific–Aalyia..what is your nationality? Are you American?

  14. It has come to our attention that your coupon redemption’s have exceeded the allowed limit of one free chip between each deposit you make at our casino. This letter is to inform you that we have an order pending to block all future free chip redemption’s to your casino account if you do not make a real money deposit to your account within the next 48 hours.

    They are watching, I have abused the hell out of this system and it is beginning to catch up. Time to find a book to read. Bye bye bye y’all. :roll:


    It has come to our attention that your coupon redemption’s have exceeded the allowed limit of one free chip between each deposit you make at our casino. This letter is to inform you that we have an order pending to block all future free chip redemption’s to your casino account if you do not make a real money deposit to your account within the next 48 hours.

    In an effort to help you avoid having these free chip privileges suspended we would like to offer you the chance to come in and make a deposit of as little as $30 using one of our most popular bonus offers. You can redeem coupon code 300COOLCAT to claim a 300% bonus that comes with no wagering requirements, no limits on how much you can withdrawal, and is good for play in all of our online slot machines.

    We know that you have enjoyed claiming our free bonus offers and we hope that you can continue to enjoy them for a long time in the future. Please activate your account with a real money deposit as soon as possible so that we can continue to make these free play offers available to you.


    CoolCat Account Management




  16. petrock it’s not cool cuz it’s old codes and we’re not buying it not like our parents did a pet as a rock and you can’t freebase. no sale! lol just kidding so don’t get butthurt. aaliya they are racist only toward people who didn’t use the link lol white power

  17. put down your book bob I know a way still and you can still abuse the system even more than before if you as I shall reviel. the answer is one word sonicproxy1 try it and you’ll beat the system for now

  18. muhahahaha go out into cyber space and terrorise the online casino community muhahahahaha

  19. this is B-S if you was to ask me why would you post a promo like this?Iv been playing online casinos for years and all I can think is WTF is this person doing

  20. Hey Bob,
    If Your Still Around…What Casino Said That To You?
    BTW 101 “IP Hider” Is One Of the Newest and Easiest To Use
    Can Be Downloaded From CNET Free For 3 Days Then $29.99:mrgreen:

  21. Cool Cat and I have not redeedmed a coupon there 8O in sometime.

  22. Special note:
    Before Buying any Ip Cloaking Software
    Run It and Go to This Web Address
    If Your Real Ip Is Still Detectable
    Don’t Buy It…Keep Shopping Many Out There :D

  23. They Are A “ROGUE” Casino
    Mostly Blacklisted Themselves!!!
    Very High On The “Play at Your Own Risk list!’
    It’s Probably a Cheap Move to Get You To Deposit!:wink:

  24. Cool Cat casino just sent me a nasty email telling me I can’t get any more free chips if don’t make a deposit within 48 hours. How will I live without Cool Cat chips??!?!! :cry: …Oh I know…I’ll just rape them from a different IP address. Cool Cat….NOW IT”S WAR!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  25. That Check Your IP Web Address I Gave Above Will Also Check Your Actual IP To See If Its “BlackListed” Anywhere 8)


  27. join the revolution against these online casino blaise8012. pet rock i use it and it let me go into rival casino and use the same code which i already use during the sign up through the same ip adress with sonicproxy1. the best thing its free

  28. blaise8012 i get that all the time from the casino and everynow and then even the fbi send me some telling me to stop talking to terriost because i’ll email them back an tell them how stupid their scam are or how poor their country is. just keep my lotto winning and feed their poor country with my money i dont need that much and a advise no wonder your country is poor cuz theyre giving away millions of dollar.

  29. Your The Best 101!!! 8)
    I Agree With You, Don’t Let Some Crappo Casino Like CC Threaten You!
    They Suck! :wink:

  30. I Actually Found a Casino today Called
    Desperate Housewives Bingo!
    I Clicked On It Becouse I Thought It was A JOKE, Turns out Its A Real Casino..They Claim They’ll Give New Accounts $30 Free but So Far They’re Not Desperate Enough To Give $30 Free To A ROCK! 8O

  31. that isnt desparate converting casino gambling to bingo then what is? lol

  32. They Have Slots, Blackjack etc as well…Me Want My $30 :twisted:

  33. Very coooool. Thanks Petrock and CW101!

  34. wow, my IP is blacklisted 4 times at least – but my comp position is little bit nearby – lol – about 600 kms or about 400 miles away from the origin position – lol – nice IP-tracking.

  35. its cool petrock we have done that too here some bingo places you havent went to yet knock yourself out

  36. here some more places for old code go and catch up with us then post up new codes

  37. what did you do udo use sonicproxy1

  38. Ha Ha 101…I’m Made a Vow To NEVER BINGO!!

  39. where did you guys go to check if your ip is blacklisted lol

  40. See My Reply #23 8)

  41. hey king kampo i got the same email…and like as if i would deposit at that casino the free chips disappear before my eyes and thats just playing with $1 a bet

  42. Got the same email from CoolCat….no more freebies until I deposit.

  43. Yaba dabba dooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. If You Guys REALLY Want To Mess With Cool Cat
    Go To A “Public Access” Computer…HA!
    Just Think Of The possibilites!!! 8O

  45. CoolCat sent me the same dumbass email..They are trying to pressure me into a deposit…yeah OK, Ill get right on that!

  46. awl coolcat them liers cheaters who are they to try to take my free chip o i got something for them me so sneaky i change my account name ahaa catch me coolcat

  47. bigdollar said i couldn’t get the $125 sign up,didn’t get an invite.only a group of people get an :twisted:

  48. cool cat is crooked so is cirrus they don’t pay they think they ban me I ban them bitches ! :x

    MEET THE FLINTSTONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. You Guy’s Are Fun! :D

  51. I think Lisa has been smokin yaba daba doobies

  52. Found 20 in my Tropica account. Check Yours.
    No, not me aces… Just seems like the flintstones here. Having a yabbbbbbbbbbba dabbaaaaaaaaaa doooooooo time! :P


  54. i always feel so much better after reading u guys

  55. Its Been Real ….Time For This Rock To ROLL!! 8)

  56. Chip assault team is being assembled, CW101< commander in chief, see him for your missions. We will attack fro :P :roll: m all sides and drain them of chips.

  57. I say we start with SUPER65 from Club Player….Man i am sick of seeing that offer!! The next time i see someone post that in here im goin postal… 8O

  58. Hey, found a code for Club Payer. Try SUPER65. GL GL :D

  59. ,,,or how bout this code super65 @ club player !,,,lol

  60. mrp: I found a new code you have to try…COOLCAT50
    :D :lol: :lol: :mrgreen:

  61. hi anyone know how to get more than one account at the rival casinos? thanks

  62. that desperate housewives freechip,, is a play money freechip,, all you can win with it is more play “make believe money”

  63. I do not generally comment on web sites but I needed to drop in and say thanks for making this, I absolutely agree with the fact and with a little luck people today can understand this argument.

  64. :twisted: Just wanted to say that I you guys sound like your havin’ too much fun! YAY@

  65. :oops: oops@! forgot the word ‘think’ between the I and you… LOL

  66. I received the same email from COOLCAT:
    CoolCat Free Chip Suspension Notice.
    I won 250 with a welcome free chip bonus at WildVegas,that is CoolCat sister:do you think they will pay?
    Or maybe the suspension is valid also for WildVegas?
    I also won 2400 at Palace of Chance with a free chip welcome bonus, I asked to withdraw 1 month ago and they just say they will process my payout at the end of this week…

  67. :mrgreen: hey everyone! you guys are crazy! look 50back50 works for some of them and for virtual casino code (tryvirtual30) and (new player30)

  68. pj said on June 22, 2010

    you know it seems none of these casinos are standing by there promos anymore and when they do you cant win!!!how often do you get a feature on tese freer chips??hardly not at all anymore!!i will say i have won at pamper,casinostates,and ac casino on free chips.hell i even won at palace of cahance but i had to deposit 30 and take their bonus.but they actually payed after i got askgambler involved!!lol
    so i think i am closing it upo for awile since i am finally off house arrest anf going fishing!!good luck every one talk at ya in the late fall!!!!

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  72. Nightmarish concept!
    Regards, Joe

  73. Good day, happy i ran across your website. It taught me to be to learn this issue slightly better.

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